Union City Chamber of Commerce Advocacy

The Union City Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of a unified partnership in dealing with business issues that affect our diverse membership. We remain increasingly dedicated to identifying issues that matter to our members so we can effectively advocate for local business interests at the local, state, and federal level.

Through consistent outreach to elected officials at all levels of government, the Union City Chamber consistently strives to stay informed on the latest developments while seeking common sense solutions to many complex issues. Advocating for a strong local economy is our highest priority.

The Union City Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping local companies grow their business by taking the lead in programs and efforts that help create a strong local economy and making Union City a great place to do business. Many of your fellow business members are joining the Chamber because of the significant role we play in the public policy arena. We will continue to be assertive and smart about how we implement our advocacy efforts and do it in an effective manner irrespective of the outcome of those efforts. The benefit to our member business is a first class proactive advocacy representation that they have neither the time nor resources to provide for themselves.

At the local level we are playing an increasing role as the voice of business when advocating public policy changes that stimulate and sustain growth for business resulting in the creation and retention of jobs. The Chamber remains committed to having a productive working relationship with lawmakers fostering a positive employment climate that will support global class schools and an outstanding quality of life for the citizens of the Union City . 

Our Chamber members are the lifeblood and most important resource in the campaign to improve the economic vitality of Union City. As members of the Chamber team, we ask you to join with fellow business members in continuing to direct and support our advocacy measures. It is through your participation and increase in numbers that the Chamber gathers its strength in order to influence public policy, insure our collective success, and enhance the quality of life of our community.

It is the Chamber’s role and commitment to create, develop and utilize cutting-edge policies and practices that will provide outstanding pro-business legislative and local policy representation to our membership.